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Post 2016 -  â€œThis is a great app for any PT, but really great for students and new grads as a quick reference without a textbook”

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"5-Stars: Complete and evidence based.  As a family medicine specialist, I find it an excellent value."

"I normally don't buy in-app purchases but I did for this one & I couldn't be happier. I just finished PT school & have used this app countless times as a study tool & refresher while at clinic. The convenience is unmatched! It offers what an ortho text would but with videos, references, & stats.  When you consider textbooks cost hundreds of dollars, it would be silly not to buy this app!  I'd give it 6 stars if I could!"

Developed by Dawn T Gulick, PhD, PT, AT, CSCS 

DBA Therapeutic Articulations, LLC


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